Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet! 
I'm a North Devon based photographer, available for school photos, relaxed family portraits and landscape images. 
Family portraits can be taken at your home, relaxing together, or exploring your favourite North Devon location - wherever you feel most comfortable. 
I love working with schools. Class photos and individual/sibling photos are such a tradition, who could imagine school without them!? I offer a slightly more modern take on these traditional photos - lots of happy smiles with lots of lovely backgrounds to choose from or even outside if that suits. 
Photographs are an investment, something for you to bring out for years to come, to remember those moments you took to be together. 
Faces might change and memories might fade but photography can help you relive precious times. 
Treat yourself, and your loved ones, to banking your future memories.
Message me for bookings, or just a chat about what you are looking for, through my contact page.